The Sony 7.1 Wireless Headset was a surprise top 5 contender in our Best Gaming Headset vote, and today you can grab a refurb. model for just $50- an easy impulse price point. And yes, it does work with the Playstation 4. [Groupon]

Dark Souls II Collector's Edition [PS3] | Back in stock

Dark Knight Trilogy Limited Edition Gift Set | $25

Jurassic Park Trilogy | $26

Jurassic Park | $8

Starting April 17, Amazon is raising the price of Amazon Prime by $20 per year, up to $99. Even at the new price, it's still the best deal in tech, but non-members can lock in a year of the service at $79 if you sign up now.

If you are already a member, and your subscription won't lapse in time to re-up at $79, there is a workaround to secure another year.

Amazon Prime | $79

Offering up excellent tracking, forward and back buttons, and unmatched ergonomics, the Logitech Performance Mouse MX is the top choice of many a mouse aficionado. It even works on bare glass! It normally trades at $70 or more, but Best Buy has it today for $50.

Logitech Performance Mouse MX | $50

Optoma 720p 3000 Lumen 3D Projector | $450

Admit it, you've always wanted one of these things, but didn't want to spend $300 on it. Well, today's your chance to get your own drone for an extremely reasonable price. Mine is on the way.

refurb Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 | $175




  • Towerfall Ascension ($12) | Playstation Plus


  • Kingdoms Hearts HD 1.5 Remix ($20) | Best Buy | Must have free Gamer's Club membership
  • FREE Lone Survivor: Director's Cut | Playstation Plus
  • Vessel ($8) | Playstation Plus
  • Bit Trip Presents Runner2 Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien ($5) | Playstation Store
  • Bit.Trip Presents… Runner2: Future Legend Of Rhythm Alien ($5) | Playstation Store
  • Catherine ($10) | Playstation Store
  • Dragon's Crown ($25) | Playstation Store
  • Dragon's Crown: Dragon's Crown PS3 – Storyteller Voice Pack ($1) | Playstation Store
  • Dragon's Crown: Into The Labyrinth Theme ($1) | Playstation Store
  • Trine 2 ($7) | Playstation Store
  • Infamous ($15) | Playstation Store
  • Infamous 2 ($10) | Playstation Store
  • Infamous Collection ($24) | Playstation Store
  • Infamous Festival Of Blood ($2) | Playstation Store
  • Ethan: Meteor Hunter ($9) | Playstation Store


  • Dragon's Crown PS Vita ($25) | Playstation Store
  • Dragon's Crown: Dragon's Crown PS Vita – Storyteller Voice Pack ($1) | Playstation Store

Wii U


  • SteamWorld Dig is $4 on the eShop






Home Theater


Gaming Peripherals

PC Parts



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  • Pokemon Battle Trozei | 3DS eShop

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