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Sonic's Mushroom Hill Zone Looks Lovely In 2.5D

Sonic fan Robert Medina uses his experience in creating 3D video and imagery to reinvision Sonic & Knuckles' Mushroom Hill Zone as the 2.5D game we always wished Sega had released.


The only thing bad about this 2.5D rendition of Sonic & Knuckles' Mushroom Hill? It's only a video, and not a playable game. Uploaded to YouTube by Robert Medina under the name BlobVanDam, this video has captured the hearts of Sonic fans everywhere. Sgea has even seen it, and they think it's "absolutely awesome."

New 2.5D Sonic Project Showcases Mushroom Hill Zone [Sonic Stadium]

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the so called "fanboys" bitch and moan about wanting a more retro feel, so Sega finally caves in and gives it to them? And guess what? The "fanboys" bitch and moan about it still. The fanboys dont want something new, they want the same shit rehashed. Its great to love Sonic 1-3. Go and play them again.

Me on the other hand, I dont want a remake. All I want is a straightforward platformer much like Sonic 1, and Sonic 4 gives me that. No side characters, no sidestory. Just playing through levels, collecting rings and going through bonus staged to collect chaos emeralds. Sonic 4 does that. The fan boys will shit on anything that isnt the original, much like The Simpsons "fanboys" are. "Wah its not like the original, thus i hate it!"

You can never please a fanboy of any type. Sega, just make games that you feel like making. Sonic 4 is going to be great.