SonicFox Got Not One But Two New Fursuits

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Dominique “SonicFox” McLean has made a name for themselves as a fighting game great. Back in 2018, Kotaku first profiled the esports competitor, who has become famous for their excellent play and their now iconic fursuit. SonicFox is adding not one but two new suits to their line-up of fur-covered wear.


As Inven Global reports, full-time fursuit designer Yami has revealed the new fursuits. The revamped iconic blue suit is joined by a new red and black one. Both turned out really well!

Both also have an array of features, including LED eyes and swappable tongues.

Taking the blue suit for a spin:


Yami told Inven that he worked on the first SonicFox suit, but took a fresh approach for these latest ones.

“We wanted to go with a different style, so we had a lot of trials and errors, refining the work to get right where we wanted,” Yami said. “All in all, it was a great way to showcase improvement since I made the last suit of theirs.”


For more, follow Yami and SonicFox on Twitter.

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