Sonic The Hedgehog, Is That You? You're Looking... Different

Something's off. Maybe it's the hulking mountain range of muscles rippling across your entire body. Or maybe it's the fact that you won't stop screaming all the time. Also I didn't know you were a League of Legends character.

Oh, you're not Sonic at all. That explains it.

YouTube user Dippen made a Sonic The Hedgehog-themed video of Sion, a League of Legends champion who, well, he really likes to smash things. He's got some anger management issues, clearly. But hey, if that's what gets him out of bed and into the life-and-death gladiatorial kill frenzy arena every morning, I can't knock him for it.


One of his signature attacks involves charging forward like a man... ogre... zombie... thing possessed, which is why he was ripe for this Sonic parody. Gotta go fast, etc. Or GOTTTAAAARRRGGGGHHHGOOFASTTTKILLLLLLLL, I guess, would be more apt.

Also you might have noticed that he is blue.

Anyway, watch. It's short and silly, but very well done.

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