Sonic Really Is Like A Shitty Hamburger

So, there's a new Sonic game on the way. Are you excited? You shouldn't be. You should have learned your lesson by now. And if you haven't maybe this clip will teach you.


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Somewhat on topic ish- bear with me here.

Speaking of Burgers a Five Guys opened up near me and I tried it.

I can't believe there's a section of people I now deem (East Coast Snobs) that said it was better than In-N-Out.

Because buddy I'd rather you brought over White Castle than Five Guys. (Not saying it's horrible, but I don't see the appeal at all)

Just my humble opinion though, and I have nothing against East Coasters just the people who brought those burgers over.

P.S. That stuff is expensive too, with no Combos my meal was around $8 while In-N-Out it's like $4-5