Sonic On The Oculus Rift Is A Recipe For (Awesome) Puking

Illustration for article titled emSonic/em On The Oculus Rift Is A Recipe For (Awesome) Puking

Sure, playing Sonic on the Oculus Rift could potentially be dangerous—both if you haven't gotten "VR legs" yet, and if riding on real-life roller coasters makes you squeamish—but still. This version of Sonic the Hedgehog looks fantastic.

The footage comes from Chadtronic, who is playing through a version of Sonic on the Unreal 3 engine. Earlier this month, he also tried Mario 64 on the Oculus Rift,and I'll be honest...Sonic looks like it would be more fun on the Rift. I'm a big roller coaster enthusiast and the controls on the Rift version of Mario are wonky though, so there you go.


Sonic the Hedgehog GDK Oculus Rift in First Person [Chadtronic]

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I want to see Monkey Ball on Oculus Rift! This video made me consider how much I might actually enjoy games from this perspective.

Are there any games that play in 3rd person on OR? Like where you float around as the camera person or something.. While I like this, it really only applies to certain games (from what I have seen so far) and some games are infinitely better in 3rd person.