Sonic Is Strange Brown

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Silly Sega, Hedgehogs aren't blue! They don't wear gloves and sneakers, either!! Here is an artist's rendition of Sonic — you know, if Sega hadn't deceptively painted him a different color. Liars! Says the artist:

In the end I decided to give him a color-pattern that resembles a West European Hedgehog but facial proportions that stick to Sonic himself. His white gloves and the red shoes he kept as another link to the original, but the shoes underwent a little redesign. In addition his body looks like that of a runner, making it more believable that he can run at such high speeds.


Pretty sure we'll have trouble sleeping tonight. Tomorrow, too.

Sonic The Real Hedgehog [essenmitsosse via Sega Nerds]

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damn it, this fad about re drawing cartoony videogame characters with a "realistic" twist is making my nightmares worse every time!

.... if this fad wont stop, can I see this time at least a non eyesore like a realistic Peach instead? Now that wouldn't keep me up at night XD