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Sonic Commemorated in the Most Boring Way Possible

Illustration for article titled Sonic Commemorated in the Most Boring Way Possible

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the creation of Sonic the Hedgehog. And nothing says "old, possibly dead but worth a token remembrance anyway" like commemorative postage stamps.


Making things even less exciting is the fact they're from Belgium, so most of us can't even use them.

At €4.99, you're paying €1 per stamp (these are meant to be collected, not used), so if you do use them, whatever it is you're sending in there, make it count!


Sonic fans interested in picking the pack up, you can get them online at Bpost's store.

Duostamp® - Sonic [Bpost, via ALBOTAS]

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You know that after all of the stamp images were finalized, Sonic went back to his dressing room, poured a class of bourbon, and fired up a Marlboro. After one long drag, he exhaled and looked in the mirror, and slowly broke into tears.

His glory days are gone. It shoes packed into a small biscuit tin he keeps under the bed of is one room apartment. He breaks them out some nights, after the alcohol has gotten the better of him.

Tales, Knuckles, Shadow? They all let it go, they work normal jobs now. Tales owns a bakery. Knuckles works at the child center, and Shadow does he blue-collar shift at the steel works. Only Sonic won't let it go.