Sonic Colors Streaks To The Wii And DS

With fans eagerly awaiting the retro Sonic 4, Sega pulls back the curtain on Sonic Colors, a brand new adventure for the Nintendo Wii and DS, heading our way by the end of 2010. Check out the reveal trailer!

Sonic Colors sees our blue hedgehog hero speeding through theme-park inspired worlds as he attempts to free the colorful alien Wisps from the clutches of the evil Dr. Eggman. Eggman has imprisoned the energy-filled aliens in an amusement park in orbit around the planet, and Sonic has to make use of the aliens' unique powers to help them escape enslavement.

Using the aliens' color energy, Sonic will be able to create new paths through the game's levels. Yellow energy will let Sonic drill through the ground, for instance, while cyan turns Sonic into a laser, shooting through obstacles as if they weren't even there.


The Wii version of Sonic Colors will feature a combination of 2D and 3D gameplay, while the DS version "takes full advantage of the console's dual screen," whatever that entails.

With Sonic 4 on the way and Sonic Colors due out this holiday season, Sega now has both sorts of Sonic fans covered.

Hopefully we'll see more of Sonic Colors at E3 2010 next month.

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