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We know all about people who sit at home, hooked on a game they don't want to stop playing. We know some of these folks well. But what if the game you're hooked on can travel with you?


The iPhone game Drop 7 has its hooks on Ariane Sherine, author of The Atheist's Guide To Christmas, as well as an article in the U.K.'s Guardian about portable gaming... addiction? Fixation?

When an acquaintance met me off the train and asked what I'd like to do before dinner, I lied and said: "Have a sleep" – aware that saying "play a computer game on my phone" would sound weird and antisocial.

He duly left me in my bedroom, where I proceeded to manoeuvre numbers around a bleeping screen. Each time I started a game, I promised myself it would be the last; each time, I broke my promise.

During dinner, in a break between courses, I did the unforgiveable: I began playing the game under the table. Seconds later, I was discovered. "I'm sorry our conversation isn't interesting enough for you!" my host snapped, only to be met with an eloquent "Mmph?"


Drop 7 is pretty tough to stop playing. Best of luck to Sherine for quitting it, but I doubt it'll be easy, not when you can take it with you.

I'm trapped in the drop zone [The Guardian]

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