I'm all for heady video-game concepts, but sometimes all I need to see is a gif and I'm in.

The game in the gif above is an in-development PC action-RPG called Death's Gambit, which developers White Rabbit describe as "an challenging action rpg where you explore a alien medieval planet filled with horrors, beasts, and knights. Every new enemy encounter is a complex problem to solve. Every piece of environment and mechanic tells part of the story."


So, yes, they should probably do a little more copy editing on their site. (I've been there, fellas, it happens.) Happily, their gifs do most of the talking for them:

Yep. I would like to play this. Shadow of the Colossus, Another World, Castlevania, Dark Souls, and a colorful top-layer of The Banner Saga? Yep. In.

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The developers, Jean Canellas and Alex Kubodera, are planning a Kickstarter, and in the meantime will be livestreaming the development of the game where, presumably, there will be more videos like this one:

All very cool stuff. Here's hoping more and more games are developed with this much transparency, and also with this many cool gifs.


[Via Anthony Carboni]

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