Something Wild Happens If You Watch Both Death Stranding Trailers At Once

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After the newest Death Stranding teaser dropped, creator Hideo Kojima encouraged fans to go back in and look for clues, hinting that he was hiding some secrets within the footage. Fans are starting to find these secrets, and guess what, they are bonkers.


As spotted by constablegrimes, if you play both trailers side-by side (which is possible through YouTube Doubler), you’ll note that the baby held by Norman Reedus in one appears to transport itself into the hands of Guillermo del Toro in the other trailer at the exact same moment:

That is to say, when the baby disappears from Norman Reedus’ hands all of a sudden, it’s getting pulled into the world of Guillermo del Toro through a machine.

...what the fuck. That’s gotta be intentional, right? Will Death Stranding deal with multiple realities? What’s the importance of the baby in the first place? What does it MEAN, Kojima? Even if this is purely coincidental, I love that fans are getting so obsessive about these trailers, that they’re making connections that aren’t actually there. (EDIT 12:44 PM: To add fuel to the fire, Kojima himself has retweeted this article.)

I can’t wait to see what other wild stuff fans find, especially given that we’re about to hear more about Death Stranding at today’s Playstation Experience event.



Man this game is going to be fucking weird.