Something’s Fishy About This Steam Game’s ‘Very Positive’ Reviews

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Emoji Evolution is a simple-looking puzzle game in which you “combine different elements to find a new one” in order to—and wow, this really escalates—“solve the main dilemma of humanity.” It seems like Steam users like it pretty well...or do they?

Take another look at that image of its Steam page, and you’ll notice that while recent reviews are “mixed,” the game’s developer has replicated the look of a game with “very positive” recent and overall reviews by changing its developer/publisher names to “very positive.” Due to Valve’s font and color choices, the effect is that it looks the same as a Steam page’s review summary section. As Vice reporter (and Kotaku-ite from another lifetime) Patrick Klepek put it on Twitter: “Well, this is one way to trick people into thinking your game has positive reviews on Steam!”

Uh, Valve? Hey, Valve??? You might want to...not let developers do this.


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This is like an actor who’s stage name is “Oscar Winner.” Every movie they’re in is “Starring Oscar Winner”!