Someone's Trying to Put DayZ in Doom

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His reason? "I had had it with Zombies walking through walls and figured that Doom is a far more suitable engine to use." Ouch.


Still, this guy's made an admirable amount of progress, for a one-man project. According to him, so far, DoomZ already has the following features:

  • day and night
  • weighted spawn points
  • animals
  • fires and cooking
  • water
  • refilling canteens
  • weapons
  • food
  • broken limbs
  • morphine
  • illness
  • temperature
  • getting wet
  • rain
  • helicopter spawns
  • exploding petrol stations
  • night vision
  • enterable buildings
  • smashable glass

That's a lot, even if most of it looks... well, look at the inventory screen, for example.

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Guy's clearly not an artist (or he is, depending on your point of view) but visuals aside, it's DayZ in Doom. And it was done by this one guy. That's pretty cool.

You can give DoomZ a spin via its official page here. Or, if you just wanna look, here's the demo video below:

DoomZ 11.0 [Robert Prest@YouTube,via r/dayz]

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Darrisbob1 - ☆彡

He better add multiplayer and servers, because that's the only way DayZ is fun.