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Someone who's helped get a lot of great video games in your hands needs your help now. Brandon Boyer—the chairman of the Independent Game Festival and a relentlessly exuberant champion of all sorts of video game creativity—fought off cancer last year. But the expenses of his medical care came out to a whopping six-figure sum that his insurance company is denying coverage on and he's asking for help in covering the cost. Head over to his GoFundMe page to learn more about his circumstances and fundraising efforts. If you've loved an indie game over the last couple of years, chances are Brandon helped it on its journey. Feel free to give something back.


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As per usual, as a Brit I really don't understand this and don't see how people can rebel against any form of national health service, if done right.
Our NHS is atrocious at times, but the idea that somebody would miss out on life-saving medicine if he doesn't get funded on the fucking internet is insane, and disgusting.