Someone Recreated The Warcraft Movie Trailer In World Of Warcraft

Against my better instincts, I’m crossing my fingers for the Warcraft movie. It’s being directed by the guy behind Moon and Source Code. He is also technically a Bowie! If all else fails, though, when the dust settles, we’ll have at least gotten this cool in-game trailer out of it.

Ivan Kuzkin crafted a shot-for-shot remake of the Warcraft movie trailer in World of Warcraft. It’s astoundingly spot-on. First, here’s his version on its own:

And here it is running alongside the actual Warcraft movie trailer:

Lastly, here’s a making-of video:

That’s some damn good work. Kinda makes me wish the Warcraft movie was aping more of Blizzard’s colorful stylized art. As for Kuzkin, next he should tackle... actually there are no good video game movies, so I guess nothing.


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