Someone Put Harambe In Street Fighter, Because Why Not

Harambe vs Capcom is a real video game that you can play. Not only does HvC bizarrely place everyone’s favorite gorilla (RIP) in a fighting game, it also gives the crossover a story to go along with it.

In this rendition of reality, a shadow agency wants to kill Harambe because he has psychic powers. So, Harambe has to seek Ryu in order to get out of that mess. Apparently Harambe’s death is just a trick to buy himself more time:

You can play Harambe vs Capcom here. Yes, the soundtrack does indeed have lyrics like ‘dicks out for Harambe.’ Welcome to video games in 2016.

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Nice to see M.U.G.E.N. and my old Evil Ken work still making the rounds.

Hard to believe it’s been like 14 years since we made him.