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Someone Built A Troll Level In Mario Maker, And Nintendo Actually Promoted It

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It’s not surprising to see people try to trick other players in Super Mario Maker. I just wasn’t expecting Nintendo to give anyone a helping hand in doing it.

Hilariously, the “featured” tab in Mario Maker shows this right now:


See that level by Kocobe, titled “All the costumes unlocked! :)? Well, that’s typically a certain genre of level in Mario Maker. The game hides a ridiculous number of costumes, many of which we can’t actually show you yet due to embargo. Players that have unlocked these costumes sometimes make levels that are built specifically to show them off. It’s not uncommon to find costume levels that are nothing but question mark blocks holding costumes, like so:


[Source: Polygon]

I have seen people are a be a bit more creative in the execution, even if the basic costume idea is the same. In any case, despite the name, this level by Kocobe is not actually a costume showcase. When you play it, this is what you’ll find:

[Source: my personal YouTube channel.]

I know, I know. That meme is tired, though I do love that there actually is a mystery mushroom at the end that could have very well contained a rare costume—you just can’t actually get it. That laughing thing is a nice touch, too. You’re a bastard, Kocobe!


Mostly, though, I’m amused that Nintendo would highlight this level on the Featured tab at all. Is nothing sacred, Nintendo?! Or was this the unfortunate result of some completely arbitrary algorithm that just happened to float that troll level to the top? Meanwhile, people with normal but cool creations are having trouble figuring out just how to become noticed in a system that only highlights a set number of courses.

Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. Many of Mario Maker’s Nintendo-created levels actively jab at the player’s expectations. That, in the end, is what makes the entire thing so fun. You never know what you’ll find next.


(Via Siliconera)