With all the necessary elements and that familiar layout included, PhoenixSC’s work is probably the best attempt yet to recreate PokĂ©mon’s battle system in a completely different environment like Minecraft.

It’s part of a larger project called PokĂ©mon Cobalt & Amethyst, and the creator and his friends are aiming to create a huge PokĂ©mon world in Minecraft as close to the original series as possible:

PokĂ©mon Cobalt & Amethyst is an adventure map currently being developed by Phoenix Projects, involving the recreation of a new generation of PokĂ©mon in Vanilla Minecraft. Yes, this is a full-fledged map. In case you’re curious, it will implement most, if not, all of PokĂ©mon’s features in its own unique fashion, including and not limited to PokĂ©mon, attack moves, stats, animations, cutscenes and enemy encounters. That’s right! A completely new generation of PokĂ©mon awaits!

You can follow the project’s progression here and on the Minecraft Forums.

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