Someone Leaked Final Fantasy XV's Ending Six Months Ago

Back in May, an anonymous poster on 4chan wrote up a bunch of plot points that he said were story spoilers for Final Fantasy XV. Nobody believed him. Well, about that... (Don’t stress: We’ll keep the spoilers out of this article.)

As it turns out, this 4chan poster had leaked FFXV’s actual ending, complete with some very real information on the final boss and fates of the main characters. He got a couple of details wrong, but for the most part, the leaker was spot on. The 4chan posts are long gone, so you can check out the roundup of his Q&A over in this NeoGAF thread. (There ARE spoilers in there.)


The original reactions were skeptical, naturally. Anyone can claim to be anything on 4chan, a website that requires no verification or proof of identity, and more than a few people had already pretended to have Final Fantasy XV secrets that turned out to be false. “Most of this sounds made up,” wrote one GAFfer. Added another: “This reads like complete horseshit.” Yet it all turned out to be true.

At the time, the 4chan leaker also claimed that Final Fantasy XV was in really bad shape on consoles and that everyone was “nervous as fuck” about hitting September 30, which turned out to be prescient: Square Enix later delayed FFXV to today, November 29. The good news is that it runs just fine.

Here’s the most interesting tidbit. Someone asked the leaker if Final Fantasy XVI was in development. In response, he wrote: “FFXVI is only going to happen if XV does well.” Make of that what you will!

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