Someone is Turning the Crysis Engine Into a...Sports Game!

Crysis developers Crytek's proprietary engines are always impressive, but for some reason or another aren't often used by other studios. Or when they are, they're used for shooters. Not this time!

A Swedish developer by the name of Poppermost is working on a game called Snow, which is a skiing/snowboarding title that, like EA's Skate series, is taking board games seriously, hoping to be "refining scale, physics and controls to capture the majesty of the mountain".

Snow's using CryEngine 3 because it can render large, detailed worlds, handy because the game is promising to be one large "open world" title, players free to "explore the rich environment any way you please".


The game is due for PC, with a playable build hopefully ready for download by the end of the year.

WHERE [Snow]

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Will there be a James Bond Snow level where you are being chased down the mountain by the bad guys and able to steal their snowmobiles and stuff? Cause if so then I might get it.