This year, I came home from E3 with a Kinect Sports shirt, a Jurassic Park-inspired fake Barbasol shaving cream can to hide stuff and a Cooking Mama 4 oven mitt. Everything else I chucked, including my press pass and lanyard. Maybe I should have considered selling it on eBay.

On Monday, Luke noticed a lot of E3 items were being listed and put up a search. Grahame Gallacher of Past the Pixels surfed it and found the most ludicrous shit being offered for ludicrous amounts of money.


What takes the cake is a Saints Row: The Third banner that, at 35 feet wide and $2,000, fits neither anyone's living room nor their budget. This looks to be the chain-link fence wrap on Figueroa Street, outside Saints Row's infamous car wash. Just think! An aspiring porn star may have washed someone's car (not yours) 20 feet from this banner! And it's just $2,000!


THQ, via its official Twitter, told Past the Pixels this banner's sale is not authorized, so you may be SOL if you go clicking on that auction. Drat! More overpriced useless crap at the link.


E3 $wag: A Money Maker [Past the Pixels]

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