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As you’ve heard us say over and over and over, Undertale is brilliant. It certainly didn’t need 3D to achieve that. The prospect of an extra-dimensional Undertale, though? Innnteresting.

Russian game developer Edik Zykov doing the deed, applying Undertale’s 2D sprites to a 3D world. The end effect is... surprisingly not-horrible! It’s got a snazzy lo-fi look about it, and Undertale’s distinctive character designs maintain their personality despite being under the cruel new rule of forces like BASIC GEOMETRY and DEPTH PERCEPTION.

Before you start fretting about the feasibility of all this, know that Zykov is not remaking all of Undertale in 3D. Instead, he told Siliconera that he’s making a brief original game about “some dark entity” turning the Underground 3D—nefarious 3D—to try and reach the players of the game themselves.

While I mourn the idea of every Undertale location realized in glorious ultra-vision, this is probably for the best. A small original game sounds like a downright doable project, meaning we’ll hopefully get to play it someday. As of now, Undertale 3D has no release date, so these pretty pictures will have to do:


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