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Ah, Alien: Isolation. A game I could have loved, were it not entirely about something I hate.


Walking around such a faithfully-recreated version of the original 1979 film’s universe was great! Being chased the whole time by a giant monster was not.

So I’m very excited about [Lebowski]-=ThArK=-’s mod, which is actually from 2014 but which I’m only seeing now (via PC Gamer). It just...gets rid of the Alien.


Well, sort of. The Alien is still in the game, but by changing some code it leaves it stuck inactive inside a vent, where it can’t trouble you or interrupt your casual explorations of one of gaming’s great virtual spaces.

You can download the mod here, but be warned: while the Alien is nerfed, everything else in the game that can kill you can still kill you.

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