UPDATE (6:58pm): And the video's now gone, presumably removed for copyright reasons.

Original post follows:

Clocking in at two hours and 47 minutes, this is Star Wars: Turn To The Dark Side, a recut version of Episodes I, II, and III that ditches the Jar-Jar nonsense in favor of focusing on Anakin's relationship with Padme and subsequent fall from grace.


You can watch the whole thing above, or download it on Vimeo. The cut is based on the structure of the infamous Topher Grace recut—an 85-minute edit of the prequel trilogy that has yet to go public. It's all proof that pretty much everyone thinks they could've done a better job with this thing than George Lucas did.

Here's the Vimeo description, via user Double Digit:

A reimagining of the Star Wars prequel trilogy edited into a single compelling movie, based on the structure conceived by actor Topher Grace. As a critique of episodes 1-3, many large plot pieces have been removed or changed to strengthen the core relationship between Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala. More than 100 video and audio edits heighten the main character's tragic fall from grace.


Very cool. Let me know if any of you guys watch the whole thing—I'm curious to hear how good it is.

(via Casey Johnston)