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Someone Created An Evil Minecraft Mod That Camouflages Creepers

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Most mods I download or see add helpful features or neat new elements, like a cool weapon or better sound effects. However, not all mods are helpful or fun. Some mods are downright evil, like this new Minecraft mod that uses different textures to hide Creepers based on what biome they are in.

This evil, evil, evil mod was created by Schmueles and is part of a larger resource pack that looks great and not evil. Depixel is a mod that aims to replace all the textures in Minecraft with better-looking textures that still retain the original, classic look of vanilla Minecraft. That’s great and all, but now it appears to include a bunch of new textures for Creepers, making the explosive assholes harder to spot.

To be clear, Schmueles knows exactly what they are doing with these new, harder to see Creepers. The Reddit post showing off these evil Creepers was titled: “If your life wasn’t hard enough, this resource pack makes creepers camouflage to their biomes.”


I imagine most folks right now have a hard enough life as it is, but damn it I respect the commitment to making something so diabolical. They even added Creeper camo for areas like The End and Nether, where Creepers don’t normally spawn so folks in Creative mode can still experience this nightmare.



Here’s the link to download the resource pack if you are feeling brave or if you want to screw with your friends.