Someone Built a Working Scientific Calculator in Minecraft

You know that old adage about how if you give a monkey a typewriter and an infinite amount of time, he'll eventually write the complete works of William Shakespeare?


I think if you give a human being Minecraft and an infinite amount of time, he'll eventually build everything in the world ever.

In today's edition of "Holy Shit I Can't Believe Somebody Made This," we have a working graphing calculator built by YouTuber SgtGodswordBerserker. It does addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and even trigonometric functions. And graphs! Shame you can't play Minecraft while taking your SATs.

Minecraft Scientific/Graphing calculator - Sin Cos Tan Log Square root [YouTube via @MinecraftTeachr]



If you give a quintillion chimps a trillion typewriters, you'll end up with a quintillion broken typewriters. They're more likely to hit something to investigate it than they are to sit down for the hours it would take to write a play or even a sonnet. It's just not within the nature of a Chimp... And a Monkey, well, even less chance. (yes, I know I used the words "likely" and "chance"... I don't mean either one literally. There is 0% chance and 0% likelihood of it happening)

That being said, Ok... That's cool. Creating things like this has always been a part of creative software... Little Big Planet and RPG Maker both have their share of applications that are non-game based, or games that are not the genre of the original work. People like to show off by getting something to do what it's not supposed to.