Illustration for article titled ​Someone Beat emNinja Gaiden II/ems Hardest Setting Without Taking Damage

If you've played Ninja Gaiden II, you know that it's a game that's pretty tough on its third-hardest Mentor difficulty. On the Master Ninja setting, it makes grown men cry. Except for the Chinese player who seems to have beaten the game at its hardest without getting a scratch.

A set of four videos on YouTube purportedly show the Tomonobu Itagaki-designed game taken down in four hours, with the person playing—who goes a handle that roughly translates to "the guy who was revived"—remaining untouched. I remember spending nights cursing my life while playing the original version of NGII on its Warrior setting. To see this player blow through its levels in such expert fashion is utterly amazing.

[via NeoGAF]


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