Someone Actually Ate That Famous (And Giant) GTA San Andreas Fast Food Order


Last year, some people became obsessed with an old fast food order that happens in GTA San Andreas. And now, a competitive eater tracked down all the food in real life, ordered it, and then tried to eat it all in one sitting.

Matt Stonie is Youtuber who creates food challenge videos, such as eating a giant bowl of Cheerios. At some point, he came across an internet post that detailed exactly what a GTA character named Big Smoke ordered in-game, and decided to use that as inspiration for one 9000+ calorie mega-meal that spans multiple fast-food restaurants. Behold:

In GTA San Andreas, during the mission “Drive-Thru”, you and a few other characters go through a Cluckin Bell drive-thru. Big Smoke, one of the leaders of the Grove Street Family gang, proceeds to order a ridiculous amount of food. His complete order is:

Two number 9s

A number 9 large

A number 6 with extra dip

A number 7

Two number 45s

One with cheese

And a large soda

It’s one thing to figure out what the real world version of this order would look like, but actually seeing it on a table is another thing. Something I didn’t realize when I first played San Andreas is that nearly every item Big Smoke orders comes with fries and a soda. It takes Stonie 35 minutes to complete the challenge!

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Do not watch his videos unless you want to spend the rest of your day watching his videos because something about them is oddly magical and you’ll be asking yourself things like:

“Where does it all go?” 

“Does it go out the way it came or?”