​Somehow, Somebody Transformed Trials Fusion into Donkey Kong

Illustration for article titled ​Somehow, Somebody Transformed emTrials Fusion/em into emDonkey Kong/em

How? How this is possible?

Last time I saw anything retro-centric in the latest version of Ubisoft's super-tough motocross game, it was an homage to old-school games of yore. That was cool. But this—an incredibly accurate remake of the first Donkey Kong—is insane. It's the work of track creator PATI-I, who nails the look of the famous Nintendo arcade game dead to rights.


As YouTuber FatShady says, you can't even see the Trials architecture underneath PATI-I's handiwork. You can see more in another video below. Crazy.

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That's.....BANANAS! :D