User-Made Trials Fusion Track is a Day-Glo Retro Dreamworld

Illustration for article titled User-Made emTrials Fusion/em Track is a Day-Glo Retro Dreamworld

This homage to video game classics of yore presents a pretty steep challenge to folks playing RedLynx's latest motocross stunt game. But it's damn pretty to look at least.

Created by user Bloddae, "World of Pixels" serves a good reminder that the Trials games are basically descendants of ExciteBike. The wealth of colors and technological advances have created possibilities that weren't possible back in the NES but this game too is all about doing the kinds of things that would destroy actual motoriders.

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Nicholas Payne

The visual appeal of that is hurt quite a bit by the excessive bloom. That's probably not a user-definable setting in the editor, so the creator probably isn't to blame, but it still makes what is otherwise a beautiful level quite a bit less enjoyable to look at.

Also, I'm not sure how much, if any, Trials you have played Evan, but nothing about that course says 'pretty steep challenge'. That would be a pretty early level course were it part of the main game. It had all the markings of an "easy to play so you can focus on looking at the pretty things I made" course.