Somebody Turned Half-Life: Alyx Into P.T. In Case You Never Want To Sleep Again

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Screenshot: Valve (Steam)

Even though P.T. was just a playable teaser for a game that we will never actually get to play, it still haunts many people’s memories. Now, someone is trying to recreate the terrifying game using the Half-Life: Alyx engine.


Spotted by PC Gamer, this creation is simply titled PT. It’s a Source 2 VR map that’s being created by Steam user AmbientDruth. It aims to totally recreate as much of the original P.T. demo as possible. Currently, it contains the famous looping hallways, the red hallway ending, and the strange paper bag that talks to the player.

AmbientDruth plans on adding more to their map, including Easter eggs, more creepy noises, multiple endings, more P.T. accurate textures, and a flashlight.

Here’s a video showing the mod in action.

The Half-Life: Alyx mapping and the modding community is still growing since the game’s late March release, but people are already creating impressive things. For example, someone has ported some Portal 2 maps into the new engine, with fully working buttons and physics. (No portal gun, at least not yet.)

Another person created a mini-golf map in the engine. It currently only has one hole, but the creator plans on adding more soon.

For those wanting classic Half-Life gameplay, Overcharge is one of the first and best maps to feature puzzle-solving, combat, and exploration.

If the years of Half-Life 2 mods are any indication of what we can expect from Alyx mods in the future, I’m very excited.


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Said it before, but if they make a silent hill game for v.r. im going nowhere near it. I dont need that kind of nightmares.