Somebody Take Magical Ride Away From Me, Please.

Wandering through the Facebook App Center can be a dangerous thing. I've been playing Pretty Simple's endless broom rider, Magical Ride, for an hour now. The only reason I am not playing it right now, is because I have two minutes before I get another life. One minute. Actually, be right back.

Magical Ride would have been a Flash game in the days before Facebook. You play a little witch riding a broom down an endless path, dodging obstacles and attempting to fly farther than your friends before you hit an obstacle, get torched by fireballs or eaten by ghosts.


At times, you become a unicorn.

I've just unlocked boosts, which make it possible to play for even longer. Today's productivity is shot, one of the hazards of covering social games.

I am currently at the top of the weekly friends tournament, besting what I am pretty sure are a pair of people that do not exist. The only way I'll be able to stop is if someone else bests my score and I lose heart.


You have your assignment.

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