Somebody Made Minecraft In Another Game, For Once

Countless games and game locations have been remade in Minecraft. Everything from BioShock to Mirror's Edge to, er, Ubisoft art game Valiant Hearts. Now, though, someone's gone and done the unthinkable: create Minecraft inside a video game.


Trials Fusion guru Pneumatic Bog posted a video of their creation, a custom track within the motorcycle stunting/silliness simulation. Let me stress that under normal circumstances, Trials is basically nothing like Minecraft. However, its level editor is awfully powerful, as you can probably tell. So of course, Sir or Madam Bog made Minecraft—or at least the basic building blocks of it. Of course they did.

That sound you just heard, the one that best resembled a thousand civilizations crumbling while someone went "wooooOOOOooooOOOOooo" in the background? That was the sound of the world being rent in half.

Credit goes to, er, Minecraft creator Notch for picking up on this one.



First time? It's at least the 3rd time that I know of. They did it Project Spark and in Stanley's Parable.