Somebody Help Me, This Sonic Game Looks...Good

Illustration for article titled Somebody Help Me, This emSonic/em Game Looks...Good

I know. Look, I know, alright? I should know better. But I'm an optimist. And Sonic Lost World keeps looking sweet.


It'll inevitably be terrible on release (it's out on 3DS and Wii U on October 22), but for now, let's watch the video below and pretend that we're already playing it, and we keep telling other "I know, I can't believe it, they finally did it".

Sonic Lost World - Colors Trailer [IGN]

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I'm not a Sonic fan by any means, so can someone explain to me what makes a sonic game good/bad? Does he not go fast enough? is he too fast? Do we need more or less of the chick with the hammer? Inquiring minds etc