Somebody Has Already Hit Level 80 In Guild Wars 2

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According to a report at MMO Culture, a French gamer named Surfeuze has already hit the Guild Wars 2 level cap of 80. (See the lower-left of the screenshot above.) Yep: Someone has maxed out a character before the game has even been officially released.


Surfeuze pulled off this feat largely through crafting, using guild-provided materials to quickly fly through the ranks. Man. I am currently level 11. In other news, some people play MMOs differently than other people.

Guild Wars 2 – First level 80 player spotted [MMO Culture via Massively]

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Greg the Mad

Does anybody here watch Sword Art Online?

Well its a anime about a MMO, where due to certain reasons player die in real life if they die in game, they also can't leave the game.

The only way to get out is to finish the 100 Levels of the game.

And you know what's amazing about that game, or at least it's difficulty? It took the some thousand players that plaid the game, in the most hard core mode, 2 years to reach level 75.

*looks at article*

I know that he maxed out his character and did not clear the game ... but COME ON!

It took me a month to clear Cataclysm/Lich King. And I'm a Solo-Player.

Is it really that hard to create a game (MMO) that even the most hardcore freaks need at least a year to beat?

Although I believe it's great that you get rewards for your cooking skill does this really mean that you can get access to the best skills and weapons?

Man, knowing how MMOs could be and how they are is really depressing.