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Now that the New Xbox Experience has been globally launched, it's time to brace for the impact. Outside of a few error reports, things appear to have gone smoothly. One of the minor bumps that we know of, thanks to OXM, is that some Xbox 360 themes don't quite jibe with the NXE's new layout. Microsoft touted that old themes would look "beautiful" with the new look and feel, but perhaps the better descriptor is "beautiful but largely obscured." Take, for instance, the above Virtua Fighter 5 theme. Series starlet Sarah may still look virtually beautiful — what a pretty eye you have! — but she now has a bit of creepy stalkerishness to her gaze. The same mismatched layout applies to themes for games like Army of Two, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, Castle Crashers and more. For the full list of usable, but visually gimped themes, read on. NXE: When Old Themes Go Bad [OXM]


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