Some Things in Starhawk Just Never Get Old

Space-Western strategy-shooter Starhawk launches for the PS3 today. We've had glimpses of space dogfights, shooting, and careful battle tactics before.

But in all the chaos of space war, some things are just cooler than others. Some really big guns just have that screen presence that makes you cackle out loud every time. Some targeted weapons just give you glee when they connect. Sometimes you just can't beat the joy whipping up a building and simply splatting it onto your enemies.

From Kotaku's own video guru Chris Person, we have a highlight reel of some of the best fun Starhawk has to offer. Including my personal favorite, the bits where your giant robot spaceship can stomp the hell out of bad guys like a mechanical Godzilla from hell.

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I know nothing of this series, what makes it a "STRATEGY shooter" ?