Some Speedrun Records Will Never Be Broken

This is what Pokemon Yellow looks like when executing a glitch that automatically takes the player to the end of the game.
This is what Pokemon Yellow looks like when executing a glitch that automatically takes the player to the end of the game.

For certain games, like Super Mario Bros., new speedruns are constantly chiseling away at old world records, leading to friendly rivalries between players intent on retaking the title as new glitches are discovered. But a few games have speedruns that will never be improved upon.


In a recent video that dives into some of speedrunning’s more arcane details, Youtuber Apollo Legend discusses three games and their respective records for completion that are here to stay.

First there’s Todd Rogers’ run of Activision’s 1980 game, Dragster. Released on the Atari 2600, the racing game is as simple as it gets with the player driving along a straight line as a timer counts how long it takes to complete a course. Originally it was believed that the computer’s fastest time of 5.54 was the theoretical quickest the game could be completed. He, however, completed it in 5.51, a time that was never been beaten, or even tied, to this day.

Then there’s Pokemon Yellow, which due to some weird glitches can be exploited to auto-complete at the very beginning of the game. As a result, the best time in the any% category of speedruns, which doesn’t technically require a speedrunner to complete any amount of the game before completing it, is 0:00 on the in-game timer. The exploit still requires the player to be quick about entering their actions when scored according to a real world clock, but in principle the record via in-game clock remains unbeatable. (Pokeguy84 currently holds the record for beating the game on any% not using the save corruption glitch at 16:53).

Finally, there’s Club Penguin. Yes, Club Penguin, that game your younger brother or sister (or maybe even you) used to play online back before there was anything else to do online. Still, the game has had a strong on-going community ever since it was went live, creating a world both friendly and bizarre. As Disney recently announced, however, the kid-friendly MMO will soon be shut down for good. As a result, once the servers are shut down, whoever holds the world record for speedrunning the game will hold it forever.

And yes, people do speedrun Club Penguin.

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