Some Rapper Has An Xbox 360 Phone

Click to view This is Soulja Boy. He's a famous rapper, apparently (I only know him from this Ice-T rant). Anyway, the kid seems to have himself an Xbox 360-branded Sidekick phone, and a copy of Resident Evil Genesis to go along with it. Having never owned a Sidekick, he could just have customised a regular one to have a 360 menu and sound effects, but then he's carrying on as if this is both real and a big deal. And if it is real, come on Microsoft, there are better, and "hipper" ways to announce it than by forcing us to endure 2:51 worth of the ramblings of a spoiled, millionaire teenager. [thanks Saif!]



@The Fatass of Kickassness: oh and also, there is more rap than just what you hear on the radio. Are you one of those people that just listens to everything that they are told too, or do you go out and explore a genre you have interest in to see what else is out there?

Soulja Boy may not be the greatest rapper alive, but he's not trying to be. All he is doing is making a catchy beat that will be popular to people driving in cars and in the clubs and throw some lyrics on there and make a quick couple million or so.

but then you have other rappers like immortal technique and aesop rock who actually write out lyrics that serve a better purpose than just making girls shake their ass.

so no, not all of todays rap sucks, you're just not looking hard enough. but thats only if you care to look at all