Some Old Gaming Mags Are Worth Money (But Most Aren't)

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As the gaming press becomes ever more focused on the internet, the printed word is becoming a dying medium. And as with anything on the decline, rarity can at times go hand-in-hand with value.

Kevin Gifford, of Mag Weasling fame, has written a handy guide to the value of old gaming mags over on Gamasutra, pointing out that while the vast majority are worthless scraps of musty paper, some are worth hanging onto and preserving.


Some of those include anything from the early 80s (or before!), first issues of popular mags, first issues of niche mags (like the World of Warcraft magazine) and, for some reason, antique editions of Computer Gaming World, one of which once went for $350.

It's hardly the kind of stuff you could send your kids to college on, but sometimes it's nice to know what your stuff is worth should Gaming Antiques Roadshow ever come around.

Analysis: Are Your Old Video Game Magazines... Worth Money? [Gamasutra]

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Luke Plunkett

I used to have issue #1 of Edge, but lost it :( Still have #1 of PC Gamer and #1 of Hyper, though!