Fallout 4 was not always the game that we actually got to play. Like most games, it changed and morphed during developmentā€”and itā€™s fun to look back on what could have been.

In this video, I show a few things that never made it into the post-apocalyptic trash collecting game, from quests to alternate character designs, to differently-designed levels.

What I really dig into, however, is something that was teased in a pre-release trailer but that, so far at least, isnā€™t actually in the game. After digging through Fallout 4's files, I present to you some unused audio clips that give us a different look at one of the most disappointing areas of Fallout 4.

Itā€™s well-worth a watch if youā€™ve played the game, or if felt let down by Fallout 4's focus on combat, or if youā€™re interested in looking at some neat scrapped content. Hereā€™s hoping Bethesda or modders make some of this stuff playable at some point!


(Hereā€™s the YouTube version of the video, BTW.)