Some Kids are Making a Battlestar Galactica Viper Flight Simulator

It's not a game, either. That would be too easy. No, the kids are making a proper flight simulator, with hydraulic cockpit, instrument panels, the works.


Taking the shell of a Piper PA-28, the team hopes to build "a motion controlled flight simulator" based around Galactica's iconic Viper fighter. For those who care, they're aiming to build a mock Mark VII Viper, not the more popular Mark II. So when a sexy lady gets our planetary defence codes and tries to kill us all, this thing won't even work.

It's a brilliant project, and one they've already made some good progress on. You can check out more footage and info at the site below.

The Viper [Official Site, via MAKE]



We have to learn to fight the Cylons sooner or later.