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Some Guy Went and Built a Sentry Gun

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

No, he didn't assemble it by whacking a large wrench against a pile of parts either. But this guy is a serious engineer, cooking up an auto-fire paintball sentry gun. And although this isn't necessarily gameplay footage, you can watch as some poor test subject wearing a BMX helmet gets pounded in several tests. So I'm gonna say its germane because, shit, it's Sunday, and sentries are a treasured friend/loathsome foe in Team Fortress 2, Perfect Dark, and other games. And this is PC gaming, if getting shot to shit by a PC is a game.

Note that this weapon is not being fired by remote control. It's recognizing moving objects and firing on them automatically. The distraction test is a pretty good measure of its abilities.


Of course, having the laptop that operates it right next to it probably would not do well in a real firefight. Maybe it'd be a good burglar-blaster, but then, forget your keys, step in the door, and you're taking a paintbath in the living room.

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