Some Guy Just Got His Car Into Gran Turismo

Last week, as part of the Specialty Equipment Market Association car show, the sixth Gran Turismo awards went down. They're held to honour some guys who cobble together the very best fancy, custom cars, and the winners are judged by none other than Gran Turismo bossman Kazunori Yamauchi. This year, five cars were honoured amongst the various categories, with JR Rocha picked as the overall winner for his 2007 Infiniti G37. That's it above. For his troubles, Rocha won a lovely custom PS3, and also the honour of having his car made playable in a "future installment of Gran Turismo". Better hope that's GT5 they're talking about. Any more "future" than that and it'll be the only car in the game that can't fly. INFINITI G37 Wins the GRAN Prize [PlayStation.Blog]


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