Some Far Cry 5 Players Are Stuck In A Never-Ending Credits Loop

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Far Cry 5's latest patch released this week on consoles. Although it addressed a number of minor issues with online multiplayer, mission progression, and overall stability, it doesn’t appear to have addressed one unique and particularly pernicious bug where some players who complete the game get stuck in a never-ending loop of the end credits.


Ever since they beat the game shortly after its release, a small number of Far Cry 5 players on Xbox One and PlayStation have posted across dozens of forum threads and YouTube videos about finding themselves stuck in a sort of purgatory. Every time they try to resume their game, the end credits begin scrolling all over again. In some cases it starts immediately. In others it takes a few seconds of standing around in the game world after selecting “continue” from the main menu. Some only get caught in the glitch after they try to fast travel. PC players, like Kotaku’s own Kirk Hamilton, also ran into this problem, but were able to use workarounds to get out of it. Console players haven’t been so fortunate.

For all of them though, it’s tantamount to having their end-game save eaten, yet somehow worse because of the tantalizing promise that the problem might one day go away. A lot of people worked on Far Cry 5. Even if you fast-forward, the sequence is several minutes long. This is bad news for people hoping in vain that trying to scroll through just one more time might solve the problem so they can return to the end game. One player uploaded a video to YouTube of the bug, saying he’d tried to kill his character to get out of the loop, but he couldn’t. Fast travel and logging in and out of his account didn’t work either.

Many of the people who reported the issue on the game’s forums and elsewhere have tried rebuilding their PS4 database, a feature that reorganizes the console’s data and cleans it up, under advice from Ubisoft. In a few instances it appears to have solved the problem, but many of those affected reported no change. For those unlucky few, the only way out of this Groundhog Day seems to be erasing their progress and starting the game completely over, since Far Cry 5 doesn’t let you have multiple save files. The game has had other glitches as open world games usually do. But this one, as rare as it might be, is especially strange.

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The players affected hoped that Ubisoft’s 1.04 update would address the problem, but it’s unclear if that’s the case. The patch notes are vague and don’t mention many specifics.

Kotaku reached out to the publisher for clarification on the matter but has not heard back. “We’re looking into it,” wrote Ubisoft in response to one player who mentioned the ongoing issue on Twitter.


It’s possible the end credits glitch has been fixed, but only for new players—that is, it won’t occur if you start a new game. On the Ubisoft forums, one poster claimed to have been told by someone on the support team that the latest patch had fixed the bug, but some people who had already encountered it might still have problems. Another player pointed to a seperate response from the Ubisoft Support Twitter account stating that it was unlikely that save files already subject to the glitch could be rescued.

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the more I read about FC5, makes this seem like quite a step backward for the series? Maybe there were internal development struggles? FC4 actually came out quite polished, and despite those damn eagles....was a really stable and fun game. This.....sounds....not like that.