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Over on his blog, Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling has posted some user statistics they've gleaned from the 360 version of Call of Duty 4. Stuff like how there's now been, oh, over 10,000,000 unique users.


Yeah. More than ten million. And that's just those who got a copy and have played at least once over Xbox Live, so it's not counting those who got a copy on 360 and aren't connected. Or, you know. Those who have the game on PC or PS3 (of which they could only count those playing multiplayer...all 4,381,276 of them).

With those numbers in hand, Bowling breaks them down with some fun statistics:

71.1%, or 7,111,508 people have completed F.N.G.

That's more than the entire population of Hong Kong (which is 7 Million).

68.8%, or 6,886,509 people have completed Cargo Ship.

This is the same number of adults in the US who were morbidly obese in 2005.

46.5%, or 5,654,643 people have beaten the game on any difficulty.

This is more than the current population of Finland!

2.8%, or 283,632 people have completed Airplane on Veteran difficulty.

The population of Stockton, CA is 280,000.

So nearly 30% of people who own a copy on 360 have never even finished the tutorial mission? Wow.


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