Being a squad leader in a Battlefield game can be intimidating. It’s hard enough worrying about your own skin when there’s tanks rolling around, mortars dropping, and baddies on the prowl. I get it. But some of you suck at doing your job.

Some of you are great squad leaders but for you clowns who are cowering in the trenches, here’s some things you should know.


1. Give Orders, Dammit!

You’re not a great leader if you’re not giving orders. Issuing orders and directing your squad on the battlefield is essential. It’s also super easy! I mean, look up above: I do it while riding a horse.

Just hold down your spot button to open up a menu where you can tell your team which objective to attack. To issue quick commands, aim at the point and tap the button. On PC, this is the Q key. On PS4, hold R1. Xbox users can help their squad out by reassessing their life choices and actually playing on a decent platform.


Completing attack orders grants an additional 100 points. Over the course of a twenty or thirty minute Conquest match, these points will add up and help everyone in your squad level up faster. In Operations, coordination will help your team make a concentrated push against control points, maintaining your momentum and stymying the enemy.

2. Unlock Your Squads!


Unless you’re playing with some friends, there’s no reason to lock your squad. Not only are you potentially denying your team extra points but you’re actually limiting the number of spawn locations. Squad members are able to spawn on top of their teammates instead of being forced to spawn at a control point of vehicle.

When the pressure is on an enemy control point, you need to get bodies there and you need do it fast by spawning on your squad. A locked squad like the one you see above accomplishes nothing. In fact, it actually helps the enemy. Players get an extra fifty points for wiping an enemy squad. If you are a one man squad, you might as well just be giving those points away.


3. Pick Your Class Wisely!


We all have our favorite classes and loadouts but being a squad leader means making the tough choices. Instead of hunkering down on the outskirts of the map and sniping folks with your brand new M1903, consider leading from the front as an Assault.

Medic and Support squad leaders are particularly useful. The ability to drop health or ammo will make sure your squad is always in tip top shape for your next charge at an enemy position. Bonus points to any Medics who revive downed squad mates as well.


Ultimately, I do think you should play the class that you are comfortable with and be where you think you can do the most good. That noted, squad leaders need to be adaptable and aware of what is required on the field. Don’t be afraid to switch it up if your squad is in a bind.

These pointers should help you contribute during the battle if you find yourself thrust into a leadership position. Besides, if they ever implement Battlefield 4's mutiny system you’ll have to do your best unless you want to be given the boot so you might as well get in some good leadership practice now.


Be active and audacious! Your team is counting on you!

Senior Writer and Critic at Kotaku.

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