Sombra Player Proves Haters Wrong About Competitive Overwatch

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“We don’t expect Sombra to ever be a vicious assassin,” Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan once said. Players seem to agree: Sombra is not typically understood to be a competitively ‘viable’ character. One player took that notion as a challenge, and the result is beautiful.

Watch as Bunsen gets bullied and harassed for picking Sombra in competitive, only to play so well that everyone who talked shit against Sombra end up giving props instead. Below, you’ll find a video diary of their journey from gold to diamond, and it is delicious:

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I’m happy things are so uncoordinated in general on consoles that you hardly ever get a room full of people hating on a particular player.

Of course the downside is almost nothing is coordinated at all, so playing the game in general is kind of an enterprise in luck.

Happy the players throwing shade could recognize they were wrong instead of just being bad themselves and blaming losses on the comp.