Solid Snake Gets Squared By Michael Lau

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Seminal urban vinyl toy designer Michael Lau riffs on Hideo Kojima's Solid Snake with his upcoming collection of Gardener figures, planned for a release later this month at the CS Booth 16 event in Hong Kong.


Lau's Snake Square nods not so subtly to the Snake of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, packing geometric camouflage and the wonky, cubic crocodile head that no tactical espionage action hero would be caught dead without. If you're a super duper Metal Gear fan or a follower of Michael Lau's work, you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for an importer capable enough to guarantee you one. Expect to drop at least $80 for the collectible.

More shots of the figure and its slick camo-flavored packaging courtesy of Hong Kong's Milk magazine below.


Michael Lau - CSBOOTH16 - Gardener Still. [crazytoys via Hypebeast]

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Aw, guys, you're gonna make McWhertor sad, because none of you are appreciating his hip figures.